I heart the 90’s alternative scene

This evening me and the Mr took a trip down memory lane and played some of the tunes from back in the day, (we actually first met at 6th form college). We listened to Arrested Development, Faith No More, Smashing Pumpkins and the very awesome soundtrack to Judgement Night featuring a fine mash-up of Rock and Hip Hop acts of 1993.

As we listened we realised that a) neither of us actually had a copy of the soundtrack and b) we’d never actually watched the movie. In these modern times of ‘on demand’ we opened Amazon and ordered the CD in a couple of clicks then hopped onto YouTube via the TV and turned the film on.

Set in the gang filled back alleys and battered tenement blocks of America, starring everyones favourite teen hero Emilio Estevez and iconic anti hero Dennis Leary, the film is a real 80’s hangover. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that back in the day it was a shocker, but in the present tense it’s not half as scary as the videos for the tunes on the soundtrack – or the music for that matter!

Don’t bother catching up with the film but if you like your music raucous and edgy, search on YouTube for Faith No More and Boo Yah Tribe for a taster.

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