Return of the Bush

Today, tickets went on sale for Kate Bush’s (allegedly) one off comeback show, I say ‘allegedly’ because the cynic in me is sure that these ‘one off’ gigs are just test gigs to build demand and see if there is a possibility to do more (see the Stone Roses 2011).

The tickets for Kate’s gig sold out in less than 15 minutes and my Facebook stream has been full of status’ like: ‘Friend got front row Kate Bush tickets!! S’not fair‘ and ‘Thank you *** I am walking around with the biggest smile I’ve had on my face all year. I’m going to see Kate Bush

Perhaps I wasn’t quite old enough to fully appreciate her first time around, but my recollections of her from her videos and music is of a pretentious ‘would be’ A’level theatre arts student prancing around like a demented pixie warbling and dancing on tip toes.

Maybe I’ve missed something along the way, I have tried to appreciate her music but I find her vocals grating and her lyrics twee. However,  I am fascinated to see what she does as a come back gig – I don’t think she’ll be donning the spandex and her voice must have broken by now…



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