10 reasons why you should kill your television

A month ago we took a leap into the unknown (at least since our 20s). We decided to get rid of our Virgin box and relinquish ourselves from the millstone around our neck commonly know as ‘The Television’.

Since its invention in the 1950’s, the television has become a staple in our daily lives, used for everything from high end educational learning (pre-internet Open University) to childminding and making sure they next generations thinking is inline with the BBCs (CBeebies). In between we have been blessed with some great drama (namely Poldark’s chest), music documentaries (thanks BBC4) and a plethora of absolutely inane shit, surely designed to dumb down and incite, well.. Ignorance (see; Benefit St, TOWIE, that bloody Jezza A-hole, all manner of z list celebrity crap, X Factor, blah, blah, blah). Im not even touching on the sensationalist news reportage from around the world filling our heads with daily turmoil and fear.

A month on and it’s made a big difference in our lives and here are 10 reasons why:

1. We talk more – we have more time and we make more effort. Rather than finishing work or a long day with the kids and switching on the TV and staring at yet another Netflix series, we share our days and make plans for the future.

2. I don’t feel like we are on the brink of the apocalypse – Not watching the news is good, it’s all so bloody negative! Or course we need to know what’s going on in the world but I can hop on the interweb and find out what’s going on without suffering through an solid hour of bleakness and depression.

3. Too much TV makes kids stupid – fact, kids need to be encouraged to use their own imaginations not other people’s, they do this through imaginative play NOT watching TV.

4. No license fees – don’t watch it, don’t pay em!

5. We read more – Since waving goodbye to our TV, hubby has read 4 books & I have read 3. Usually we say; “read? When do I have the time to read”.

Which leads me onto my next point

6. You have so much more time when you stop staring at the telebox.. There are lots of hours in the day!

7. You don’t argue about what to watch – you find other things to argue about, like who’s doing the washing up.

8. You get to feel righteous – you can sing along passionately to NADs ‘Kill your television‘ and Spearhead’s ‘Television, the drug of the nation‘ safe in the knowledge that you are not being brainwashed and taken down by ‘The Man’.

9. I don’t have to watch ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘American Dad’ everyday – this one is particular to me but I’m sure your partner / housemates / kids watch some rubbish TV that you can’t stand either.

10. You have more space in your living room – you can buy that antique chest you wanted finally.

Give it a go & see if you can live without it!

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