Goodbye sleep, I am now the proud owner of a Kindle

I knew it would happen like this, I knew that as soon as I opened up the box I could kiss goodbye to the 5 hours sleep a night that I have been averaging since our little girl was born… I knew I shouldn’t have opened the box!

If you had asked me 4 months ago what I thought of the Kindle, I would have told you that nothing but nothing could be as good as the look, smell, feel and complete sensual satisfaction one gets opening a book for the first time. “Kindle schmindle” I would have said to you.

How quickly things have changed…

At the end of January the Husband went away to NYC on business and came back with a Kindle Paperwhite for me. After a talk with a girlfriend who raved about hers I was chuffed and excited at the idea of it but I left it in the box on the dining room table, not ready to fully embrace it, love it and cherish it for three reasons:

Firstly, I felt that I was cheating on my book collection and the book shops I have purchased from over the years.
Secondly, in the wake of the HMV closure and the loss of record shops, I was worried that opening the box would be contributing to the loss en mass of High St book shops.
And thirdly, I might find that I really love my new toy thus cuckolding my books and preventing me from ever sleeping again (it is backlit so you can read in the dark).

So the Kindle sat there on the dining room table in its lovely black box, with its aerodynamic sleek design. Every now and then the Husband would ask me if I was going to open it. My reply would always be; “Darling, I don’t have time, what do you think I am doing all day?” but secretly due to the reasons outlined above, I was quaking in my metaphorical boots.

So tonight he asked me again and this time I could tell he was a little offended that I hadn’t looked at it yet. I couldn’t tell him that I felt as though I’d be cheating on my books and when I told him I didn’t have time he suggested multitasking. So as we were watching a film I dutifully opened the box and ceremoniously slid the Kindle out of the casing.

At this stage I’d love to spend a paragraph or two gushing about the smooth feel and look of my kindle (it really is a sleek little beast) but I think old Jeff sums it up in this particularly smart bit of marketing spiel:

“Our top design objective was for kindle Paperwhite to disappear into your hands – to get out of the way – … Be transported into that mental realm readers love, where the outside world dissolves, leaving only the authors stories, words and ideas”
(Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO Amazon)

I have to agree, this is a sexy piece of kit, and I wasn’t really surprised to find myself purring over it in bed last night as the Husband snored peacefully through the night.








I love my kindle <3

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