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There are a lot of people singing the praises of Croydon on Twitter but the Tweeter that caught my attention in January @CroydonTours

When the tours were announced on Twitter there were lots of positive responses and not-so-positive responses like this one:

@anna247 Why would ANYONE willing want to go to Croydon?!!’

Apart from Anna missing the ‘ly’ from willingly, with all the bad press Croydon puts up with I’m sure she wouldn’t be the only person with that opinion. But Croydon Tours claim Croydon is “Britain’s most interesting town” and that the tours are “exploring its long, rich and often forgotten history.”  We know that Croydon is great and the guys behind the tours are dedicated to getting that message across.

Since writing this article for Deep London magazine Croydon tours have been picked up by the national press with mixed reviews.

I highly recommend trying it out for yourself!



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