4 things I learnt about running a kids birthday party

My son was 2 on Saturday and I decided to try my hand at organising a kids party, I have put on hundreds of events for adults over the years  – how hard could it be?

The party was a success (in my humble opinion) here are 4 things that I learnt from my experience:

1. Don’t put out the cakes / sweets / crisps until the kids have filled up on savouries (otherwise all they eat is cake)

2. Don’t hand out party bags until the end of the party (kids will find the sweets in the bags and eat them too)

3. Don’t play musical statues at the end of the party and give out lots of chocolate without asking the parents first (you end up with lots of kids on sugar highs not wanting to go to sleep and lots of parents who probably won’t come to the next one)

4. Kids are MUCH easier to entertain than adults

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