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storytime at The Oval


It’s my first proper summer holiday as a Mum, I had six weeks of entertaining the kids ahead of me, admittedly, most of it has been strategically planned with trips to see far away friends and days out.  But today I had a window and I wondered what to do with the kids.

Logically, I decided to go to the pub.

But going to the pub is not about drinking copious amounts of booze, smoking loads of fags and partying like a rockstar any more and it is no ordinary pub – it’s The Oval, Croydon AND it’s BEE WEEK

I find myself sitting in newly renovated Oval garden with a bunch of other parents (in the Great British sunshine) while the fabulous Jenny Lockyer (local musician / performer / funny lady) entertains our children with bee inspired stories, arts and crafts, music and all sorts of hands on activities with an aim to raise awareness about what bees do, why they are so important and what we can do to help them. 

20140815-174116-63676895.jpgThe children made shakers and drums from ice cream pots and had a jam session, writing their own songs, recording the music and playing it back. Beautiful bee lanterns were created, the fancy dress box was raided and a magical story evolved featuring Queens, Princesses, heroes with magical booster shoes and of course bees.

It had all the ingredients of a lovely day out with the small people; it was fun, educational, musical, physical, there was good food and there was wine.  Our fun was temporarily blighted by a huge thunder storm but we all bundled inside and raided the pubs collection of board games.

Despite seeing Jenny play several times, I have never made it to a storytime, it’s free and its on every Saturday at The Oval.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in Croydon and want to do something that will make everyone in the family  happy!


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