Rockacry Baby

Dear Parents, friends of parents, anyone who has to buy presents for babies and has any musical integrity,

When you are looking for that perfect present for a new baby or when you are looking for the soundtrack to your babies dreams do not – I repeat, do not consider the purchase of Rockabye baby CDs. Theoretically they are a great idea – all of your favourite music Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Blur, The Beatles, Queen and The Cure made for children, the packaging is exciting, the website is enticing but don’t be fooled by the tagline ‘lullaby renditions of baby’s favourite rock bands’.

In theory it’s great but in reality, listening to your favourite tracks butchered on the glockenspiel through the baby monitor at all hours in the morning will, eventually, have you bashing your head against the wall in your bedroom and will probably put your baby off rock music for life.

If you are a music fan I would politely suggest that you get yourself a copy of Angsty Cowfold – Lullabies for the discerning baby here were you can hear covers of Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, Bill Withers, Tom Waits and Randy Newman amongst others.

We found it soothing and not at all irritating even after hearing it a million times – highly recommended.

Feel free to add your recommendations.


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