Heart of the Community Awards, Sept 2014

Last night I attended the Croydon Heart of the Community Awards, an award set up by the Croydon Advertiser to assist people working hard to make a difference in the community in Croydon.

I was humbled and blown away by the amazing people in Croydon making differences in their own ways, quietly & wholeheartedly with little or no financial assistance.

Including Lillian’s Law – a family working hard to change legislation on drug driving with massive success after the loss of their daughter.

Cassandra learning centre – a mother and sister supporting victims of domestic violence after losing their daughter / sister who was murdered at the hands of her abusive partner.

Roundabout Dramatherapy – Who use drama as a form of therapy to improve people’s lives.

Rise Media (featured in the pic) – who work with young people to produce Limelight magazine giving them valuable work experience.

And a whole plethora of other amazing people working thanklessly across the borough. Doing fantastic things like; running groups and centres to feed and cloth the homeless over winter, helping people who are visually impaired, improving their local park, funding their local scout group and so much more.

I was there for Purley Festival and we work very hard as volunteers to create a festival for the borough, support local talent and mentor local people. Despite the work we put in I’m very glad we didn’t win, there were just so many other worthy causes at the event. It was great to see them get some recognition, meet some truly amazing people and to feel a real sense love, compassion and community.

For more info, here are the details of the winners courtesy of the Croydon Advertiser

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